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2ND Shine Hoodie
2ND Jolie Cropped Romance Jeans
2ND Raw Blouse
2ND Jolie Cropped Darkwaist

2ND Faithfull Sweater
2ND Jolie Perfected Black
2ND Harmony Scarf
2ND Elly Dress
2ND Sally Slit Jeans

2ND Chance T-Shirt
2ND Vision Jacket
2ND Cissi Cloud Jeans
2ND Chelsea Blouse
2ND Five Cropped Studdy Jeans
2ND MIla Shirt
2ND Jolie Coal Logo Jeans
2ND Leopard T-shirt
2ND Stevie Blocking Jeans

2ND Hat Beanie
2ND Craft Turtleneck
2ND Jenny Jeans
2ND Edith Top
2ND Cornelia Coat
2ND Jerry Tape Jeans
2ND Baxter Shirt
2ND Dean Jacket
2ND Stevie Blocking Jeans
2ND Night Blouse
2ND Jolie Cropped Chance Jeans